WNTT Available on Kindle

WNTT Cover ImageWe Need to Talk is available for purchase at Amazon.com for use with the Kindle eReader.  At a greatly reduced price of $3.99, We Need to Talk is available for instant download so families can begin benefiting from the education and advice immediately.

Below is a brief summary of the book:

Terminal illness is one of the greatest challenges any family will face. With so many questions wrapped in a multitude of emotions, we often don’t know what to think or where to turn.  This book will help.

“We Need to Talk” is a practical guide to help you and your family face the upcoming challenges. Inside you will find advice, tips, and explanations to help you better understand and address many of the issues you will face. Also, “We Need to Talk” is a pass-along book designed to be shared among family members to help alleviate fears and bring a greater sense of understanding and togetherness during this very important time.

“We Need to Talk” is written by Larry Quicksall, a hospice social worker, who has personally helped hundreds of families cope with end-of-life issue.

Coping with the Unthinkable

This 1-page article was written in the aftermath of the terrorists attacks on September 11th, 2001.  It is a simple guide to addressing anxiety symptoms associated with secondary trauma from watching new accounts of traumatic events in other parts of our nation and the world.

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© 2002, 2013 Larry E. Quicksall.

Coping with the Unthinkable.

Effective Treatments for Depression

This 5-page research paper examines and evaluates the effectiveness of different treatment methods for depression based on the professional literature at that time.  Article topics include:

  1. Understanding Depression
  2. Effectiveness of Counseling
  3. Effectiveness of Medication
  4. Effectiveness of Alternative Methods
  5. Conclusion

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© 2002, 2013 Larry E. Quicksall

Effective Treatments for Depression